Sara Osenda

Sara is originally from Switzerland and currently resides in Minusio, a small town on Lake Maggiore. Sara has been working with Oceanomare Delphis as a researcher since 2002. She spends a few weeks onboard Jean Gab every summer, supporting the cetacean monitoring program and data collection.

As a musician dedicated to the study of the harpsichord in the Baroque context, she teaches children to study the piano. She regularly plays as a harpsichordist in Baroque music concerts. Her passion for studying cetaceans began in 1996 in a Tethys volunteer camp in the Ligurian Sea. Subsequently, she participated as a volunteer in Croatia in 1997 studying bottlenose dolphins and in Greece in 1999 studying the common dolphin. Since 2002, she's been a permanent part of the research team at Oceanomare Delphis.

Her knowledge regarding the care of the historic sailing ship and the fine-tuning of the entire navigation program makes her a person who guarantees the correct approach even to guests who come as volunteers.
What she likes about working at ODO is the professionalism during data collection and the skill of the team on the ground who analyzes the data to draw up reports and scientific articles of great value.

Every summer, at the end of her shift at ODO, she spends a few more months at the beach before returning to Switzerland in the autumn with her baggage filled with experiences, because she truly believes "it is not time that makes us change our perspective and makes us grow, but the experiences we have lived".