you choose to support their conservation in our seas

Oceanomare Delphis Onlus studies, monitors, and photographs cetaceans in their natural environment, identifying and cataloging them. The natural and permanent marks on their fins allow us to identify individuals and follow them through the years.

With a small donation, you can adopt or gift your friends and family the adoption of a whale or dolphin. With this simple gesture, you will form a special bond with your cetacean and, at the same time, help us protect their populations and the environment in which they live.

94 individuals in the catalog

104 individuals in the catalog

204 individuals in the catalog

48 individuals in the catalog

How to donate

You can make your donation

via Bank Transfer
to Oceanomare Delphis Onlus.
IBAN: IT10F0200822690000401439034 – BIC Swift: UNCRITM1CG2

or via PayPal
following the link

Specify the species you want to adopt and your email address in the reason of payment

Adopt a common dolphin (50 euro a year)
Emailing the adoption certificate

Adopt a sperm whale (100 euro a year)
Emailing the adoption certificate + sending a personalized Oceanomare Delphis Onlus t-shirt

Adopt a tursiope (50 euro a year)
Emailing the adoption certificate

Adopt a Risso's dolphin (50 euro a year)
Emailing the adoption certificate

Tax Advantages

Deductible expenses
The free donation received will be used exclusively for the pursuit of the institutional purposes of the Association.
This amount, where the relevant payment is made through a bank or post office or through the other payment systems provided for in Article 23 of Legislative Decree No. 241 of 9/7/97, will be:

  • deductible under and within the limits outlined in Article 15 paragraph 1 letter i-bis) of Presidential Decree No. 917/86 for an amount equal to 26% of the donation to be calculated on a maximum of 30,000.00 euro if the donor is an individual or noncommercial entity;
  • Deductible up to a maximum amount of 30,000.00 euro or 2% of the declared business income under Article 100 paragraph 2 letters a) and h) of Presidential Decree No. 917/86 - if the donor carries out business activities;
  • alternatively for anyone under Article 14 of Decree Law No. 35/2005 converted with amendments by Law No. 80/2005 deductible from the total income within the limit of 10% of the total declared income and, in any case, to the maximum extent of 70,000.00 euro annually.
  • Interested taxpayers should keep the deposit receipts in the postal account and release receipts or receipts in case of bank transfer.