Gaia Iacono

"I was born and raised in Ischia and have always been passionate about animals and nature. Living on the island I always heard about Oceanomare Delphis and I often wished to be part of that world made of research and passion for the sea.
I began my studies in Animal Protection and Welfare at the University of Teramo and then chose to do my internship aboard the Jean Gab. Together with Barbara Mussi, I wrote a thesis on the distribution and use of the habitat of bottlenose dolphins in the waters of the island of Ischia, of which I am very proud (thank you Ba!😘).

For about 3 years I have been participating in summer monitoring surveys as a researcher and winter monitoring in collaboration with the marine protected areas of Ischia and Procida and Ventotene. Over these years I have learned a lot and I will be forever grateful to all the people who have devoted time to my education both in research and data collection and in navigation and life on board.

What I like the most about collaborating with Oceanomare Delphis is the passion and dedication that everyone puts to keep this beautiful project going and to give a brighter future to the cetaceans of our sea."