Flavia Grenga

Flavia Grenga, originally from Rome but often wandering, has been part of our crew since 2019.
She initially collaborates with the Capitoline Dolphins project on the coast of the Roman shoreline in monitoring some resident bottlenose dolphin populations. Since 2020, she has taken part in the research campaign annually, first as an assistant and then as a researcher, aboard Jean Gab.

Flavia holds degrees in Natural Sciences and Neurobiology, with a focus on animal cognition and bioacoustics.
She has research experience purely with parrots in the laboratory (University of Vienna and Max Planck Institute) and cetaceans in the field.

She has done monitoring in Italy aboard boats and ferries but also in Iceland, in Husavìk, aboard whale watching boats, working on photo identification catalogs of many species, and analyzing data on acoustic interaction of anthropogenic sounds (seismic blasts) and blue whale vocalizations in Skjálfandi Bay.

She is currently working with other researchers on the team on the sperm whale acoustics and social channel management research project.