Angelo Miragliuolo

Angelo Miragliuolo is Oceanomare Delphis Onlus's Vice President and the captain of our research vessel Jean Gab. Angelo co-founded Oceanomare Delphis to satisfy his curiosity and need to learn more about the incredibly diverse waters surrounding the Island of Ischia and the marine mammals found there.

Angelo started observing marine mammals when he started going to the sea on a small sailboat as a young explorer when he started encountering whales and pods of dolphins, which inspired him to start his research career. With the aim to satisfy his curiosity, he wanted to learn more about marine mammals, their distribution, social structures, and behaviors.

Angelo was born and raised in Ischia and has called this island his home all his life. He has witnessed the decrease in populations of whales and dolphins over the years due to anthropogenic activities, marine pollution, and climate change, which has further fueled his passion for the conservation of marine megafauna around his homeland as he continues to study these animals with incredible dedication.

He believes we need to learn more about marine megafauna in order to protect them, hence he dedicates his time towards ocean literacy, education, and conservation at Oceanomare Delphis.