Alessandro Apuzzo

Alessandro was born on the island of Ischia and now lives in Vienna. He studied and worked for years as a hydraulic engineer, always growing a passion for sailing and dedicating himself with increasing commitment to the protection of the sea and its creatures; as a certified diving instructor with dives all over the world, Alessandro also has a strong connection with the underwater environment.

He began embarking with us as a volunteer in 2019 and has been a stable part of the crew ever since.
His passion for the sea and research brings him each season to his home island and Oceanomare Delphis where he engages on Jean Gab as first assistant captain.
Alessandro is also our drone pilot and takes responsibility for filming and doing video editing for our education and research purposes.

He really enjoys meeting the volunteers and researchers onboard, that come here from all around the world and share the same passion for our research work as him. He believes the friendships made on board last a lifetime. We are always happy to have him with us!